About Me

I have been playing with wool for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the big city...no...not a farm girl, and the wool of sheep and fiber of other animals has captured my heart. 

ColourSparks is my fiber studio. It's the place where I play with wool and colour and have way too much fun.....the stash of fiber and yarn spewing out of my studio requires some new homes. 

I'm an artist...wow that was once super hard for me to say. I went back to university as a mature student to do a Fine Arts Degree. One day, my professor asked, “What have you got to say as an artist....wow, me an artist....ugh...I have something to say.....Really?  Then...the awareness that my desire to to do art had always been there and that ...yes.... I had something to say.

My hand dyed yarns are created in the moment. I open my dye cupboard and pick the colours that pop and those become the colours of that day. My yarns are one of a kind. I dye in batches of 2 or 3 and each one is unique on its own. I invite you to discover their magic!!!!